Incorporating diverse patterns into your interior design and decoration schemes can be quite overwhelming for a lay person. But don’t let confusion get the better of you. A few insider tips can help you decide on the right combination of decors, furnishings and colours to liven up any space. 

While mixing and matching decor, it is important to keep a few basic rules in mind. The first is to combine patterns and colours in different styles yet keep an eye for harmony. 

The second and most important aspect to keep in mind is the scale or scope of your décor. Large scale décor can combine several colours, medium scale décor should have lesser colours and small scale decors should be limited to a few colours. 

This lends each room its own character without looking cluttered or jarring. 

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Similar Patterns in Different Sizes 

You can stick to one single pattern but incorporate it in different sizes. For example, if you love circular patterns, select a rug with large circles as the focal point of the floor. The sofa or chairs can be draped with patterns having smaller circles. 

To balance this, throw in cushions that have larger circular patterns. The curtains too can be blended in similarly with small or medium sized circles. 

However, do not limit yourself to a single colour. The circular patterns should be of different colours and can even overlap each other or be designed in different ways to break the monotony of a single pattern. 

Combine Geometric Patterns

Geometric patterns such as combination of diamonds, triangle and squares in different sizes and colours are all you need to perk up any space and add a lot of character. 

As part of your interior design, you can combine geometric wallpapers in bold patterns with floors having zigzag patterns in muted shades. 

Cushions and curtains with similar pattern but different designs and colours complete and complement the overall look. Geometric patterns make any room look extremely stylish and modern. 

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Create a Unified Look 

If you love a unified look yet desire depth and high aesthetic appeal; go monochromatic in different shades. 

Yes, a particular colour can come in different shades from the boldest to the palest to create a different yet uniform look. 

For example, if your walls are pale blue, opt for sofa covers that are a little deeper in shade. Add cushions in electric blue or royal blue to create a really resplendent look. A particular furnishing can also have shades of the same colour in different patterns for a more striking look. 

Look East for Inspiration 

To stand out from the crowd, include oriental patterns in your interior design. The east is famous for its vibrant colours and eclectic patterns that combine to create interesting designs. If you have an eye for colours and love outlandish; glamorous looks, combine designs that incorporate oriental patterns. 

Cushions with bright paisley prints look excellent on sofas with small tribal designs. Similarly, the bedroom can be decked up with oriental bed covers and curtains with vivid prints inspired by Interior Decoration Sydney.