Function Fitness – Risks of a Sedentary Lifestyle

Functional Fitness Expert Talks about The Multiple Risks of a Sedentary Lifestyle

Many enjoy their sedentary lifestyle and remain ignorant of the ailments and diseases they are at risk for. You need to start training immediately and work towards getting fit with a professional trainer. You need to start with personal training that will help you make the best changes in your life. The human body is designed to move about and be involved in activities, sitting sedentary reduces your lifespan. There are a lot of health problems associated with the sedentary lifestyle.


Heart disease causes death, high blood pressure and cholesterol for people who are obese or who are not getting the right nutrition. People with heart disease may suffer from a heart attack, sudden cardiac arrest, abnormal heart rhythm and congestive heart failure. Aside from the usual heart disease, sedentary people can also suffer from a stroke.

Cancer has already caused a number of deaths around the world, and it can affect any part of the body. If you are overweight due to a sedentary lifestyle, chances are you will get cancer in the colon, kidney or esophagus.

A link has been established between obesity and the rise of uterine and postmenopausal breast cancer in women. The number of diseases associated with the sedentary lifestyle makes it necessary for people to try fitness training.

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Age faster

There has been multiple research to prove that those who are not active, are likely to age faster. Mainly because of damage to the telomeres that make up the end part of chromosomes. These halt the aging process and if damaged, people will show signs of aging as their body has lost its protection.

To maintain your youthful looks, you require the assistance of a personal trainer who knows everything about nutrition and proper diet to make sure you are healthy. You can find more information about this type of training at our website. For more information on the risks of a sedentary lifestyle, be sure to visit Functional Fitness Courses as well as the Functional Fitness Courses Linkedin.

Personal Trainer Shares Most Effective Ab Exercises

Studies indicate that most people lead a sedentary lifestyle with little or no exercise thrown in their daily routine.

You may remain super busy throughout the day doing myriad things but that in no way counts as working out! Rather, your daily grind puts pressure on your core with an online body transformation program because of which you may suffer from low back pain, stiffness of bones, pulled muscles and so on.

Maintaining a strong core and abs is absolutely essential if you want to improve your agility, prevent nagging ailments, enhance flexibility and flaunt a strong and well-toned physique. The best ab workouts will help you achieve this and much more as you become aware of the myriad benefits of regular exercises.

You should also be aware that people who ate one meal per day as prescribed in their transformation program got fastest results in getting their six pack back. Many fitness trainers will tell youto do the following exercises, give them a go and let me know what you think.Abdominal Muscles

The Spiderman Crunch

This is one of the best ab workouts and includes a variation of the regular plank workout with special emphasis on the core and abdominal region.

To do this, you must start in the traditional plank position with the forearms on the ground and your entire body aligned in a perfectly straight position.

Bring the right knee forward towards the right elbow; hold for a few seconds and return to the plank position. Repeat with the left leg for one rep.

Alternate sides and repeat ten times for a complete cycle. This exercise works your entire core including the front and back of the abdominal area without the use of any fancy equipments. It is simple and effective and can be done anywhere.

The Cable Rotation 

Stand straight holding a cable with both hands stretched out in front of you and kept a shoulder height.

Keeping arms fixed and straight and with your abdominal muscles contracted, rotate the upper part of your body once to the left.

Return to central position and rotate to the left and return once again to the central position to complete one rep.

Repeat ten times to tone your abdominal muscles especially the oblique muscles.

The Bicycle Crunch

To do this, lie on your back on the workout mat and place both hands behind your head. Raise both legs and bend them at about ninety degrees.

Bring the right elbow towards the left knee and then the left elbow towards the right knee.

Hold in position for a few seconds when the elbow touches the knee. Continue alternately for sixty seconds for maximum effect.

The Cross Crunch 

Once again lie on your back, lift your arms and legs a little off the ground and cross them diagonally such that your body looks like an X.

Keeping arms and legs straight; bring the right hand towards your left foot and left hand towards the right foot; lifting your upper body slowly in the process.

Lift till your head, neck and the shoulder region is above the ground. Hold for a few seconds and return to the beginning position.

The Swiss Ball Rollout

Your best ab workouts plan should also include the Swiss ball exercise. To do this, kneel on the workout mat with both hands placed on a Swiss stability ball.

Keeping your back ramrod straight and contracting your abdominal muscles, roll the ball away as much as possible without losing touch. Roll it back slowly to the starting position and repeat. Aim to do at least two sets of ten reps for best result.

For more great exercises like these visit the Dangerously Fit Personal Training website and find the best core workouts known to man!!!

Get Six Packs Abs With Your Personal Trainer

These days, since hiring a personal trainer has become all the rage, people are very conscious about their health and physical shapes, and are paying close attention to keeping fit. Today, it is possible at any age to get six packs, have abs or just have a toned muscles and a good looking body. Nothing is restricted to an age anymore, it does not matter if one is seventeen or forty because looking good and feeling good never goes out of style. Fitness boot camps have really helped people get into shape, and stay that way while looking young and feeling extremely fresh.

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Joining a personal trainer is the easiest way to get six packs because the rough and demanding exercises help to tone a person’s upper and abdominal muscles and body parts. It gives a complete work out to the main muscles of the body, while toning them and leaving a person completely fit and healthy.

Dangerously Fit Broadbeach have qualified personnel that help people with their diets as well, because in order to get six packs, it is essential that a person follows strict eating habits and drinks lots of water. Eating vegetables is a must, and personal trainers help to keep that in mind and train people in a way that they completely change their lifestyles and eating habits and turn towards the path of keeping healthy and fit.

They also help people with their calcium intake so that people avoid any kind of bone disorders. Taking in necessary vitamins and minerals is also very vital because otherwise, people may have weak muscles and may not be able to exercise vigorously and keep up with the demands of the boot camp fitness programs.

Therefore, the straightforward way of achieving six packs is joining a fitness boot camp because it offers the most dynamic exercise routines that comprehensively help a person to tone his body muscles and more importantly, retain those abs and six packs. Personal trainer exercises offer some of the most challenging and exciting workouts that help to burn lots of calories and energy.

All about Exercise Intensity

When completing some Uk online fitness trainer courses you will learn that unfortunately there are many fitness freaks who work out madly without understanding their bodily needs and limitations. Experts who have proper personal training qualification believe in following a balanced work out regime which works to your advantage and maximizes results. There are a few golden rules you need to follow about your exercise intensity.

Pitfalls of Overdoing Your Workout

Over the years, the fitness instructors have seen that those who overdo their workouts often injure themselves and they also often post videos of their workouts on Twitter. And those who do not perform the required amount of exercise fail to achieve the desired results. That is why, it is so necessary to follow a workout regime that is of the right intensity for your body. Your instructor should take into account your limitations while designing an exercise plan for you and he also needs to tweak around the plan a little, every fortnight, as your endurance and tolerance levels increase.

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Determining the Level of Intensity

Some people over intensify their workouts when they don’t witness positive results and stretch it to a degree where they fall ill. Some of the commonest results of overly intense workouts are dizziness, feeling breathless, fainting, vomiting after workouts, muscle tear, injuries and sore joints which are so painful that you are forced to seek medical assistance. Personal trainers recommend that the intensity of your exercise should be such that you can properly control your breathing and form. A little bit of soreness in the muscles is ok, but anything more than that requires medical attention. If you feel your workout is too intense, you should slow down, take short breaks in between the exercises or use lighter weights.

Building Intensity

You cannot achieve top form right at the beginning. If you start out with too intense a workout, you will lose momentum within a few minutes and will be forced to stop. Rather, start out slowly and try to build intensity gradually which will allow your body to cope and will also eliminate injuries. You will also be able to keep frustration at bay.


Patients with diagnosed medical conditions such as heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, pregnancy, gynecological problems or extreme obesity should consult a doctor and undergo stress tests before taking up exercise. Your doctor will advice you about the level of intensity that is safe.

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